A guide for mental health experts entering digital health, tech, and corporate worlds

We’re defining the digital mental health revolution together. Credit: Shridhar Gupta.

A parent’s guide to starting the conversation about political violence, racism, pandemics, and other difficult topics.

Image credit: Anek Soowannaphoom. Shutterstock.

First, ask permission.

The father of humanistic psychotherapy was appalled by the word “reflections”

Well-trained therapists fail even while doing all the “right” things

“I know exactly what you are going through!”

Don’t know what to say next? Just reflect.

“I’m just holding this in case I run out of things to say.”

Grin Lord

Dr. Lord is a board certified, licensed psychologist who innovates AI mental health interventions. Her mission is to help people learn how to listen.👂🏼💗🦻🏽

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